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What is Blackboard Connect?

BlackBoard Connect is a mass communication and emergency weather notification system.

How will the City use Blackboard Connect?

In addition to using the system to send emergency weather notifications to Oak Point residents, the City uses the service to send its citizens important messages regarding time-sensitive or common-interest issues such as street closures, water or electrical outages, and special events. The Blackboard Connect service keeps residents better informed by supplementing existing communication channels such as information bulletins and newsletters.  When you register, you can choose to have messages sent to you by phone, text message, and/or email.

How will I be notified of emergency weather warnings and common-interest issues?

Phone notifications will be sent for tornado warnings.  Notifications of warnings for flash floods, severe thunderstorms, high winds, and winter storms will be sent by text and email.  Notifications of street closures, water or electrical outages, and special events, or other or common-interest issues will generally sent by text and email. 

Am I already registered with BlackBoard Connect?

If your home phone is a published number, your home phone number should already be in our system.  If you have an unpublished number or do not have a "land line" in your home, you can register your contact information by clicking the Blackboard Connect button to the left.  You may also use this button to add additional contact information (such as your cell phone number, email address, and home address).  Adding additional contact information is recommended because it increases the City's chances of contacting you in the case of a weather emergency.  Your home address must be listed if you want to receive notifications that may only be applicable to a small area of the City such as a temporary road closure.

May I include a cell phone number in my notification database listing?

Yes, cell phones can be listed as secondary phone numbers in the database.  If you have a cell phone, it is highly recommended that you list your cell phone number so you will be included in notifications for tornado warnings when you are away from your home phone.   

Will there be a way to positively identify incoming calls that are made by the City using the system?

The caller-ID number for calls generated by the Blackboard Connect service will be (972) 294-2312.  With the exception of emergency weather calls, every message will generally begin with the same standard announcement: “Hello, this is ______ calling with an important message from the City of Oak Point.” The message content will follow this standard introduction.

How does the Blackboard Connect system respond to busy signals or no-answer situations?

For busy signals, the call will be repeated several times in an attempt to reach you. The same is true for no-answer and call-waiting.  If a message recorder answers the phone, the message will be left on the answering device. If, after several attempts the call does not successfully go through, the system will stop attempting to call.

Can I “opt out” of Blackboard Connect calls?

Call recipients can opt-out. However, the Blackboard Connect service is used to send information that is time-sensitive and relevant to the public interest. If you choose to opt-out, it will eliminate your ability to receive information and emergency weather warnings via the Blackboard Connect service. Persons wishing to opt-out should send a request to opt-out to and your contact information will be deleted from the system.

Please accept our invitation to participate in this great service. We know that your personal information is important.  Be assured that we will not share it with anyone.